OrionArtX - over 17k Preset&Action Pack

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Over 17,000 lightroom and action presets for photoshop.
We thoroughly researched the needs of all our clients, and the result was spectacular: A whole pack of professional presets created by professional photographers!

What does the pack include?

Photoshop Action: Old Photo, vignette, Sepia, Polaroid, Lomo, soft, landscape, color film, summer, painting, faded, various, hipster, portrait, autumn, sketch, spring, various portrait, matte, pastel, pro contrast, various day, proxcontrast, Creative, hdr, cinematic, instagram, black & white, light leaks, wedding, retro, fashion

Lightroom preset: Architecture, artistic, Autochrome, autumn, beach, clogger, black & white, christmas holiday, cinematic & movie, classic, color fresh, cool lightroom, cross processing, Dark, dreamy, duotone, fades, fairytale, fall, fashion, flare, food , hdr, haze, intense, light leak

Bonus gift: 1000 landscape Preset Lightroom

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